Elbows and Knees

By Matt Paulus, MS, ATC, LAT

Elbows & Knees

By: Matt Paulus, MS, ATC, LAT

Knee and Elbow Pain

Knee and elbow pain is a common discomfort due to the frequency that the knees are used, and injury to them is common. The human knee is the largest single joint in the body, and because it’s virtually unprotected, it’s vulnerable to injury. In fact, it’s the most frequently injured joint, especially with athletes. Symptoms of knee problems include knee pain and aching, swelling, stiffness, and limitation of movement as well as locking and giving way.

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Knee Pain

Runner’s knee develops from the stress of running and often gets progressively worse.  To read more article about the knee, please go to trending knee articles.

Tennis Elbow

Elbow injuries, such as “tennis elbow”, can result from improper gripping, repeated bending, or overuse, which can strain the muscles and lead to inflammation. Symptoms may include increasing or persistent pain over two to three days, stiffness, and inability to straighten or use the elbow. Knee or elbow bursitis can result when the soft sacs or bursa in the joints become inflamed.

Treatment of knee and elbow injuries includes immobilization or rest, applying ice and later heat.  You should also restrict activities until the injury is pain free.  Your physician will determine the correct plan for the care of your knee or elbow.  To read more about the elbow, please go to elbow trending articles.

Physical Therapy

Whether you are suffering from knee issues, joint pain, or injuries resulting from any type of activity, conservative physical therapist’s who specialize in orthopedic rehab can help.  Physical therapy has been successful in helping so many patients to get back to the activities that they love.  To learn more about physical therapy, go to rehabilitation physical therapy.

JOI & JOI Rehab Bold City Best 2022

JOI & JOI Rehab Bold City Best 2022

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