Elbow Tendons and Pain

By Robert Lim, PTA

Elbow Tendons and Pain

The elbow joint can be a source of significant pain and dysfunction for many people. Tennis, golf, baseball pitchers and other athletes can experience the agony of elbow tendonitis. If you want to learn more about the elbow, please go to: https://www.joionline.net/trending/content/6-effective-ways-treat-elbow-tendonitis

JOI Physicians and JOI Rehab physical therapists and hand therapists can help you diagnose and treat your elbow pain and tendonitis.

For a physician appointment call: JOI-2000. For a physical therapy appointment call: 904-858-7045

By: Robert Lim PTA/Site Coordinator

3D illustration of human elbow injury

Image of elbow injury


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