Elbow Tendon Pain

By Robert Lim, PTA

Pain in the Elbow Tendon

Elbow tendon pain can be debilitating in daily life and the elbow joint can be a source of significant pain and dysfunction for many people. Tennis, golf, baseball pitchers and other athletes can experience the agony of elbow tendonitis. If you want to learn more about the correct way to throw and how to prevent injuries, please read this ARTICLE.  Other common causes of elbow tendon pain include the following:

illustration of anatomy of tennis elbow

Elbow Tendon Pain

Elbow Tendon Pain Treatment 

No matter how severe your elbow pain is, JOI can help you get back to health. Our team of experienced orthopaedic elbow specialists and therapists will give you the tools you need to get healthy again.

Biomechanics: It is important to evaluate athletes biomechanics as part of the treatment of elbow pain.  The tendons of the elbow are often injured or irritated by poor biomechanics.  Biomechanics are the way or form used when throwing with the upper arm.  This can be in sports like softball, baseball, football or tennis.   The experts at JOI and JOI Rehab can help in this area.  That is why, JOI and JOI Rehab are where all of the pro’s go in our area.

For a physician appointment call: 904-JOI-2000 or click the banner below. For a physical therapy appointment call: 904-858-7045. Get rid of your elbow pain with JOI today!

To Learn More About Tennis Elbow, Please Watch This Video.

The clinicians at the JOI and JOI Rehab have innovative ways to treat your tennis elbow.  In Physical Therapy, our clinicians use a combination of stretching, modalities, laser, The Graston Technique and specific strengthening exercises to help you get back to the game to love.  There is no reason to live with Tennis Elbow, give us a call to get started on your road to recovery.

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By: Robert Lim PTA/Site Coordinator

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