Dupuytren’s Disease Video

By Garry S. Kitay, MD

Advances In The Treatment of Dupuytren’s Disease

In this video below, Dr. Kitay discusses the advancements of Dupuytren’s Disease and what treatments are available. For more information about Dupuytren’s Disease, go to innovations in the treatment of dupuytrens contracture 

The disease primarily affects individuals of Northern European or Scandinavian descent. (English, Irish, Scottish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish ancestry). It is often associated with other conditions such as chronic alcoholism, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus and chronic pulmonary disease. The disease onset is usually in the fifth to seventh decade of life. Men are more often affected than women. In most instances the ring and small fingers are affected. The disease may have a slow or rapid progression.

Please watch this VIDEO by Dr. Kitay on Dupuytren’s Contracture.

Dr. Garry Kitay treats Dupuytren's Disease

Image of Dr. Garry Kitay

Dr. Kitay has been a member of JOI since 1996 and treats all disorders of the hand, elbow, and shoulder in patients of all ages. If you have Dupuytren’s Disease, Dr. Kitay can see you.

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By: Garry S. Kitay, MD

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