Dr. Stephen Lucie

By Thomas Gorman

Dr. Stephen Lucie

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Stephen Lucie, MD

Dr. Lucie is one of the founding members of Jacksonville Orthopeadic Institute (JOI) which is the premier sports medicine clinics not only in Jacksonville, but throughout the state of Florida. Dr. Lucie has worked with a vast array of patients and has been the team physician for the Jaguars, the Sharks, the Jumbo Shrimp, Jacksonville University (JU), the University of North Florida (UNF), and The Bolles School. He has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge within his four decades of practicing medicine, and he continues to grow with the times. It is impressive that a physician with so much experience will stay so current in his own practice. He specializes in sports medicine and preforms cutting edge surgeries/injections which include MAKO device total and partial knee replacement surgeries (Robotic-Arm Assisted), Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), along with anterior hip replacement surgeries.

PRP injections are minimally invasive procedures where the clinician will remove blood and place the blood into a centrifuge.  From there the blood is spun to separate the red blood cells from the platelet/plasma. The platelet/plasma is then injected into the area of pain. The main difference between PRP and Stem Cell Therapy is how they are harvested. Stem Cell Therapy uses unspecialized cells to help repair the affected area. These stem cells can be harvested from two places usually. Adult stem cells are usually taken from bone marrow while the other type of stem cell is embryonic stem cells. PRP has been researched a little more than Stem Cell Therapy so Stem Cell Therapy tends to be classified as more experimental. Both procedures have yielded fantastic results for patients trying to avoid some surgeries. Stem Cell Therapy seems to be the “more advanced” version of PRP because the application of this therapy tends to be more diverse.  The risk/reward ratio really seems to favor this type of therapy as a very viable option for treatment. MAKO devices were founded in 2004 and Dr. Lucie was one of the first orthopedists in Florida to use of these devices to assist him in some of his surgeries.

Dr. Lucie has been a prominent figure in Jacksonville and will continue to be so because of his adaptability and experience. When considering treatment for an injury it is imperative to go to someone that you know and trust. Dr. Lucie’s credentials speak for themselves, so come in to JOI and get to know someone that knows so much and will spend his time and efforts caring for you. If you want the best then go to the best and choose Dr. Lucie and JOI.


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Stephen Lucie, MD

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