Dr. Kaplan And The Jaguars

By Josh Martin, ATC, LAT

Dr. Kevin Kaplan Orthopedic Surgeon, Journey with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Dr. Kevin Kaplan is going on his thirteenth consecutive season as the Head Team Physician for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He also works with Atlantic Coast High school and The Bolles School.

image of Dr. Kevin Kaplan is an ortho surgeon in Jacksonville.

Image of Dr. Kevin Kaplan, an ortho surgeon in Jacksonville.

Do you know the involvement of the medical personnel is in the professional football draft? As an NFL fan, the perception of the draft as a football skill and agility testing platform.  As a medical provider, its purpose is much greater than that. A small group of physicians came up with the idea of the NFL Combine.  The goal was a better way to assess the injury risk of prospects prior to the draft. Prospects with a low risk of injury will be more appealing to team owners, managers, and coaches. Low risk of injury means healthy players, which can lead to better success for the team overall. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Head Team Physician

Dr. Kaplan works hand-in-hand with other team physicians and athletic trainers to thoroughly evaluate NFL prospects prior to the combine.  On average, the Jaguars evaluate over 300 draft prospects for injury prior to entering the combine.  Any prospect with a medical history of injury (ACL repair, hamstring strain, etc.) will have an MRI.  The MRI helps physicians get a better view of the prospect’s injury so the decision can be made to rule them in or out. Last year, over 520 MRIs were completed for the possible NFL prospects. 

Once a prospect’s injury risk is completed,  the medical staff can offer their advice to the owners and managers on whether an athlete will be healthy enough for their team. After his thorough evaluation, Dr. Kaplan ranks each prospect from low to high risk of injury. Prospects that are deemed high risk for injury by the medical staff may not be invited to the draft. The ranking is then given to owners, managers, and coaches who make the final decision. 

Throughout the Jaguars season, Dr. Kaplan provides care for all orthopedic-related injuries that may occur throughout the season. JOI is pleased to represent Dr. Kaplan as the leading team physician of the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

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