Double Upright Knee Brace

By Michelle Duclos, Certified Athletic Trainer

Our Therapist Explain Double Upright Knee Brace in this VIDEO

The video shows the proper fitting of a double upright knee brace by one of our trained Athletic Trainers. If you think a double upright knee brace my benefit you consult your JOI physical therapist or physician to learn more.

Double upright knee braces are simple braces that may be prescribed for a variety of general knee problems. Furthermore, medial and lateral bars on the brace provide support and stabilization to the knee on both sides. The two straps help to maintain compression and increase stability. In addition, double upright knee braces may help with knee problems ranging from meniscal problems to MCL sprains, to general knee pain.

Also, if you want to learn more about ACL knee braces, please go to:

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By: Michelle Duclos, Certified Athletic Trainer

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