Degenerative Joint Disease

By Ehren Allen, Certified Manual Therapist/Physical Therapist

Do You Have Degenerative Joint Disease?

If you are experiencing leg pain within your hip, knee, or ankle, the physicians and rehabilitation specialists at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute can help.

You may be experiencing symptoms consistent with osteoarthritis, which is also known as degenerative joint disease. Degenerative joint disease (DJD) is the most common form of arthritis that affects the cartilage lining the ends of your bones. Furthermore, the cartilage is a smooth surface that allows bones to glide easily upon one another. Also, it can also act as a shock absorber within your joints. With time, and wear and tear, the surface layer of cartilage can begin to break down leading to painful joints.

The physicians at JOI can help create an individualized plan that best suits your needs. If physical therapy is necessary, the rehab specialists at JOI can help maximize what your body will allow with exercises to increase movement and strength around your joints. Furthermore, if you are experiencing leg pain, choose the team at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute to provide the professional services you need.

JOI Rehab

Whether you are suffering from back issues, joint pain, or injuries resulting from any type of activity, JOI has 12 physical therapy clinics conveniently located in Jacksonville and Northeast FL who specialize in orthopedic rehab. Our other centers are located at:

  • Arlington – 1301 Monument Road, Suite 14 Jacksonville, FL 32225 

  • Baptist Beaches – 1577 Roberts Drive, Suite 320 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
  • Fleming Island/Clay County – 1747 Baptist Clay Drive, Suite 210 Fleming Island, FL 32003
  • Mandarin  12276 San Jose Blvd., Suite 716 & 717 Jacksonville, FL 32223
  • Nassau – 1348 18th Street South, Suite 320a Fernandina Beach, FL. 32034
  • Nocatee – 203 Fort Wade Road Suite 130 Ponte Vedra FL 32081
  • North – 12961 North Main Street, Suite 201 & 202 Jacksonville, FL 32218
  • Point Meadows – 7740 Point Meadows Drive, Suite 1&2 Jacksonville, FL 32256
  • San Marco – 1325 San Marco Blvd., Suite 102 Jacksonville, FL 32207
  • South – 14534 Old St. Augustine Road Jacksonville FL 32258 Suite 3220 MOB 3, 2nd Floor
  • Westside (Riverside) – 5393 Roosevelt Blvd., Suite 17 Jacksonville, FL 32210

If your injury does require physical therapy or surgery, our JOI team has the expertise and technological advances to get you back to your ideal level of function.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at JOI Rehab for physical therapy, call (904) 858-7045. Come see us!

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