Dartfish Throwing Assessments

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Dartfish™ Biomechanical Throwing Assessments Video

Watch this VIDEO to learn about the Dartfish Throwing Assessments.

The JOI Sports Center uses the Dartfish video analysis for throwing programs.  Dartfish allows our team to capture your movements with ease, from numerous sources. We can film it live with a camera or phone, for on-the-spot analysis. In addition, we can use game or practice videos!

Dartfish Throwing Assessments

To learn more about Dartfish, go to: Dartfish.  JOI Rehab clinicians have the most experienced team of clinicians who work with all levels of baseball players.  We have been doing throwing programs for over 30 years.  Here are some tips for throwing from our team:

  1. Work on wrist, forearm, shoulder flexibility and strength.
  2. Keep a strong body core or abdominal mid-section.  This is the key to producing more speed and endurance in the throwing motion.
  3. Keep track of your pitch count so you know what your threshold is (that is, what your body/arm can handle).  Early in the season, the pitch count should be 40-60.  The pitch count can increase as the season goes along.  The pitch count should rarely go above 100 pitches, however this really depends on the speed of the throws and the types of pitches.
  4. For youth sports, be careful not to throw too many curve balls.  A change up might be the better option.
  5. Obtain and maintain good shoulder strength by doing the Throwers Ten Strengthening Exercises.

Therefore, if you are interested in scheduling an appointment for a throwing assessment, please call (904) 858-7045.

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By: Jon Stiffler, PTA/Sports Center Manager

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