Dartfish™ Biomechanical Assessments of Throwing

By Tim Wall MS/ATC

Dartfish™ Biomechanical Assessments of Throwing

If you experience shoulder or elbow pain during throwing, we can help. We offer a computer analysis of your throwing form and movement. It is called the Dartfish™ Biomechanical Throwing Assessments. This provides a frame-by-frame breakdown of technique.

The Dartfish Analysis System assists us in profiling all athlete’s peak performance. With the utilization of dual video cameras, we capture multiple views. This is to evaluate your strength, range of motion and flexibility.

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JOI Throwing Program

Sports Injuries written on running track

The analysis includes:

  • A Balanced Position Arm Slot
  • Range of Motion Ball Release
  • Stride Length Follow Through
  • Hand Position and Core Strength
  • Use of Upper/Lower Body Injury Prevention
  • Video Analysis
  • Exercises to work at home

This evaluation is used to create a personalized, detailed strengthening program. This is designed to meet your specific needs!

The cost of program $75 for evaluation and $60 per week (3 visits) for a one-on-one mechanics’ training. In addition, it includes a copy of the videotape and a weekly program designed to properly correct deficiencies.

Labral tears in baseball

Baseball injuries

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