Dartfish™ Biomechanical Assessments: Running Video

By Jon Stiffler PTA/Sports Center Manager

Dartfish™ Biomechanical Assessments: Running Video

Visit this LINK to view the Dartfish™ Biomechanical Assessments: Running Video.

What is Dartfish Biomechanical Analysis?

The quick answer is Dartfish Biomechanical Analysis is software that aids in analysis of different sport specific movement patterns. The team at the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute and the JOI Sports Center utilizes Dartfish for biomechanical assessments.  This is to bridge the gap between kinesthetic and visual learning processes. Dartfish develops and offers cutting-edge video solutions that empower its users to capture, analyze, and share video content.

Skeleton image of man running Dartfish™ Biomechanical Assessments

Image of Skeletal Male Running Pose

To learn more about Direct Access to Physical Therapy without seeing an MD, please read this ARTICLE.


The team at JOI utilizes Dartfish to assess a patients run and gait. Patients can be assessed whether they are advanced or beginning runners. The gait cycle begins when the foot touches the ground and ends when that same foot touches the ground again to begin the next step. Analysis of the gait during running and walking will vary because the process of running involves a period of time where there will be no contact with the ground, unlike walking which always has contact with the ground. JOI trained staff can analyze a patients’ gait while running with shoes or going barefoot. With the use of a camera and Dartfish, our team will analyze a patient’s gait from both a front and side angle. In addition to the Dartfish assessment, patients can also receive a FootMaxx assessment.

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By: Jon Stiffler PTA/Sports Center Manager

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