Dartfish™ Biomechanical Assessments

By Jon Stiffler PTA/Sports Center Manager

Dartfish Biomechanical Assessments

The team at the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute and the JOI Sports Center utilizes Dartfish for Biomechanical Assessments. The goal is to bridge the gap between kinesthetic and visual learning processes. Dartfish develops and offers cutting-edge video solutions that empower its users to capture, analyze, and share video content.


Dartfish allows our team to capture your movements with ease, from numerous sources. We can film it live with a camera or phone, for on-the-spot analysis. In addition, Dartfish Video Analysis can be utilized after sport, with game or practice film.

Dartfish Biomechanical Analysis

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Dartfish provides a technical motion analysis and tactical game analysis. This allows our clients and patients to improve on-the-spot, quickly identify areas of improvement, display deficits and add reviews. Also, these can be achieved on a mobile phone, personal computer, or tablet. The convenience of Dartfish allows for time and resources to be saved since you can tag film during and after. The software lets our team personalize each template specific to an athlete’s needs.


Video analysis done with Dartfish software can be shared with patients, athletes, and coaches. This allows for continued improvements.


The Dartfish software allows the team at JOI to measure critical angles throughout an individuals pedaling stroke and conduct a biomechanical assessment. The software can correctly determine joint angles and provide instant feedback to correct deficits. The ultimate goal is to improve posture while cycling and engage in proper mechanics.

Labral tears in baseball

Baseball injuries



The team at JOI utilizes Dartfish to assess a patients run and gait. Patients can be assessed whether they are advanced or beginning runners. The gait cycle begins when the foot touches the ground and ends when that same foot touches the ground again to begin the next step. Analysis of the gait during running and walking will vary because the process of running involves a period of time where there will be no contact with the ground, unlike walking which always has contact with the ground. JOI trained staff can analyze a patients’ gait while running with shoes or going barefoot. With the use of a camera and Dartfish, our team will analyze a patient’s gait from both a front and side angle. In addition to the Dartfish assessment, patients can also receive a FootMaxx assessment.

Running Video


The staff at JOI can use Dartfish software to analyze a patient or athlete’s golf swing mechanics. The purpose of this is to assess any biomechanical deficits and reduce the risk of injury by addressing any issues. JOI can also provide exercises for individuals to improve their game by reducing their risk of injury. Our staff can provide this information to both the patient and their professional, who can assist in perfecting their swing and improving technique.

Swing (Golf) Video


With the use of Dartfish, JOI staff can evaluate tennis movements and provide feedback to reduce the risk of injury. Dartfish’s use of video allows an individual to see how their Forehand, Backhand, and Serve compare to a professional’s.

Tennis Videos


Dartfish technologies allow JOI staff to conduct a video analysis of a thrower’s mechanics and evaluate their deficiencies. JOI staff can assess flexibility, strength or mechanical deficiencies that can lead to a higher risk rate of injury in young and professional athletes. By recording the athlete at three angles, frontal, side, and rear, our staff can address concerns that may predispose an athlete to injury. To learn more about the biomechanics of throwing, go to this ARTICLE.

Throwing Video

By: Jon Stiffler PTA/Sports Center Manager

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