Concussion – Risk factors

By Michael Yorio, MD

Possible Risk Factors of Concussions


Silhouette Brain of American football player have a red signal. Illustration about injury of athlete

There are many variables to sustaining a concussion. However, some factors may put an individual at an increased risk for a concussion. The highest risk factor for suffering a concussion is history of a previous concussion. In addition to a history of a concussion, other risk factors may include:

  • High-risk activity
  • High level contact or collision
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Falling
  • Physical abuse
  • Head injury
  • Contact sports
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Exercising in hot weather and becoming dehydrated
  • Read how to prepare for exercise in hot weather
  • If you have a child in sports and would like to read more about concussions


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