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By Michael Yorio, MD

The Treatment of Concussions

Cervicogenic Headache

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If you have been diagnosed with a concussion, you may wonder what to do for recovery after sustaining a concussion. The primary treatment is rest, both physical and cognitive rest. The expectation for student athletes is that one must be able to return to school prior to returning to play sports. There are active rehabilitation techniques for concussions in the appropriate clinical situations, so it is important to work with a health care provider trained in the diagnosis and management of concussions.

Concussions are typically treated with rest and avoidance of further injury to the brain until resolution of symptoms. Evaluation by a physician trained in the diagnosis and management of concussions is recommended before returning to sports. An appropriate concussion doctor is someone who is fellowship trained with an additional certification in primary care sports medicine. All States now have specific requirements for coaching education and/or return to play standards for youth athletes diagnosed with a concussion.

Complications occurring from continuing to play with a concussion include prolonged recovery, additional risk for more severe head injury, and can even be fatal. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention use the following two statements designed for parents and coaches to encourage proper management of youth athletes with suspected concussions.

JOI has many athletic trainers at local high schools keeping athletes safe. We strive to stay up-to-date on the latest protocols and initiatives focusing on reducing and treating concussions. The JOI Sports Center works closely with some of the brightest minds in concussion management. For more information about the Sports Center, click here.

Here are some fitness tips and alternative ways to stay in shape after a concussion:


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