Concussion – Tests and Diagnosis

By Michael Yorio, MD

Concussion Testing and Diagnosis

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By: Jon Stiffler, PTA/Sports Center Manager

Numerous testing methods are available for concussion management. When testing an athlete that has a suspected concussion, it is important to follow specific test and procedures for concussion management. All assessments should be conducted by licensed health care professionals who are comfortable treating concussions. Many state laws have been passed to regulate concussions. Seek out the latest positions from the state legislator to ensure the actions are within state law. Some examples of concussion testing may include:

  • Self-Report Symptom Assessment: used to collect subjective symptom information from the athlete using a variety of complex scales and checklist.
  • Motor Control: used to assess gait, postural control and abnormal limb movement. These tests are perhaps the most common concussion assessment tool.
  • Mental-Status Testing: These tests consist of assessing the mental status of an athlete by asking questions of orientation about time, location, and other personal questions like “what is your birthday?”
  • Neurocognitive Testing: These tests include information processing, planning, memory, and reaction time.
  • Read more about computer testing and the return to play protocol for concussions


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Dr. Yorio has a Concussion Clinic which includes a return to sport protocol at the San Marco JOI Clinic.

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