Compression Socks For Running

By Drew Heideman, PT ATC

Do Compression Socks for Running Really Work?

Over the past 5 years many companies have emerged selling and reporting the benefits of running compression socks. Many athletes, including some of the top US marathoners, swear by the effects of these accessories. Proponents of the socks report such benefits as increased running performance, an increase in the speed of recovery, and prevention of injury to the calf and Achilles tendon.

However, much of the science that has recently emerged has shown that there might be a better way to spend your $50, than on a pair of brightly colored socks. Though there is some evidence in the medical literature to support that compression socks may help with the feeling of soreness following a long and hard workout, much of the evidence is mixed when evaluating the socks’ effects on running performance and injury prevention.

Because of this, the use of compression socks for running should be based on athlete preference. If you try the socks and like the how they make you feel, then by all means keep using them. If you are an athlete looking for something different, then maybe these socks can keep you out on the road.

Compression Socks for Running

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