By Dr. Hiram Carrasquillo

Bunion Pain

By: Dr. Hiram Carrasquillo, MD

Are you experiencing foot pain caused by small bony bumps? You may be suffering from bunions. Read this article to see if this is what is causing your pain.

Bunion Formation

Bunion Formation

A bunion is a bony protrusion at the base of your big toe that occurs when your big toe angles
toward your next toe. The joint and bone at the base of your big toe are thrust out beyond
the normal profile of the foot, producing a recognizable bump. Bunions can start out as small
bumps, but sometimes can be large and are accompanied by redness and swelling. A similar
protrusion called a “bunionette” or tailor’s bunion can develop at the base of your little toe.
Most bunions are not serious, unless they cause harsh pain.
Arthritis or heredity can cause bunions, and people with flat feet or low arches are more likely
to develop them. In most cases, however, bunions result from forcing your foot into a tight
shoe with a pointed toe and high heel, or a shoe that’s too small. You can’t make the bunion
go away, but you can relieve pain and keep a bunion from becoming worse by eliminating the
source of irritation.
You should purchase shoes with plenty of toe room, and wear over-the-counter arch supports.
In some cases, the bunion may have to be surgically repaired. The longer you wait to correct
the problem, the greater the incidence of surgical intervention

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