Broken Middle Finger

By Ehren Allen, PT/Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist

How do you Treat a Broken Middle Finger?

The treatment for a broken middle finger is just like other fingers that are broke. The finger is typically immobilized for 4 to 6 weeks to allow for bone healing. There may be stiffness in the knuckles or joints of the finger once the immobilizer is removed. A broken finger is also called a fractured finger.

image of Broken Middle Finger

A fractured finger or broken middle finger can sometimes heal on its own but it may require casting or splinting.

A break or fracture is a compromise in bone tissue. It can be as simple as a hairline fracture or as complicated as a comminuted fracture. There are 3 bones in the middle finger. The finger bones are phalanges. A fracture can occur in any of the 3 bones and the bones of the hand and wrist.

Anatomy of the human hand and wrist.

A broken middle finger, or phalange, can be treated by an orthopedic specialist.

Will a Broken Finger Heal on its Own?

A broken finger may heal on its own if the fracture is very mild. However, it is difficult to determine the severity of a fracture from the outside. A splint or immobilizer may allow the bone to heal faster as it prevents excessive stress on the injured bone.

image of waterproof Active Armor cast for Fracture

Image of Active Armor for Fracture

Another option is ActivArmor to immobilize a finger after a fracture. Activarmor is a new technology that uses 3D printing to make a custom waterproof plastic cast. This technology is exclusively available at the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute in Northeast Florida.

How Long Does it take to Heal a Broken Finger?

A broken finger usually heals in 4 to 6 weeks. This time frame may vary from person to person. A mild fracture may heal quicker. A severe or complicated fracture may take more time. Proper immobilization may help to improve healing time.

What Happens if a Broken Finger Goes Untreated?

If a mild fracture goes untreated, it may heal fine with no issues. But, can be a risk with this approach. If there is deformity after a fracture, the deformity may become permanent without proper treatment.

Do I Need to go to the Doctor for a Broken Finger?

If there is increased swelling and pain after trauma to a finger that persists for a day or 2, it is best to see a physician to determine if there is a more severe injury. If there is an obvious deformity, then you should go to the doctor or emergency department immediately.

How do I know if I’ve Broken my Finger?

When you fracture a finger bone, there is usually pain and swelling. Most of the time, a fracture of the finger comes from trauma. Closing the finger in a door and jamming it during sports are examples of ways people break a finger. If you experience trauma to a finger, and there are pain and swelling, an X-ray is the best way to determine if there is a fracture. It is best to go to the doctor and examine if immobilization or splinting is needed.

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