Help for Lower Back Strain

By Brandon J. Kambach, MD

Please Watch a video of Dr. Kambach Explaining a Lower Back Strain

There are many common conditions that can cause low back pain. A muscle strain or ligament sprain is a common occurrence. It can be causes by improper technique with lifting heavy objects. It also can be from  poor positioning with a sudden movement resulting in pain in your spine. In this video, Dr. Kambach explains why it is so important to stretch before and after activities to prevent back strains. Dynamic stretching is a technique which can really help prevent injuries.

Lower Back strain can be treated at JOI.

Lower Back Strain

JOI Rehab Treats the Low Back for Strains

Dr. Kambach recommends the use of the laser for the treatment of low back strains and sprains. JOI Rehab has 3 locations which can provide medical laser treatments.

Whether you are suffering from back issues, joint pain, or injuries resulting from any type of activity, JOI has 12 physical therapy clinics conveniently located in Jacksonville and Northeast FL who specialize in orthopedic rehab. To find out more about the treatment of back pain, please read this article on the treatment of herniated discs.

JOI explains dynamic stretching.

What is Dynamic Stretching?

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By: Dr. Kambach, MD

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