Injections and Blood Clots after Total Joint Replacement

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Post-op total knee replacement

Image of a Knee after Total Joint Replacement

Infections and blood clots after Total Joint Replacement
Most patients recover from total joint replacement without issue. However, in very isolated cases an issue with infection or a blood clot may develop and it is important to know the signs of each as they are serious conditions.

Infection warning signs:
Persistent fever (greater than 100°)
Shaking chills
Increasing redness, tenderness, or swelling around the wound
Increasing pain with both activity and rest

Blood Clot warning signs:
Pain in your leg or calf unrelated to your incision
Tenderness or redness above or below your knee
Severe swelling of your thigh, calf, ankle, or foot
Pain in your calf when you stretch your toes upward
Area around knee feels very hot to touch

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