Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

By Dr. Brett Frykberg

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing is a joint replacement procedure for younger, more active male patients. The benefits of this procedure are bone conservation. By preserving existing bone rather than removing and replacing a large section of the femur, natural anatomical biomechanics can be maintained.

Studies have shown the long-term benefits of the BHR exceed those of regular Total Hip Replacement. Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute physician Dr. Brett Frykberg learned how to perform the BHR procedure while studying at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, widely regarded as the premier hospital for joint replacement procedures in the world.

If you want to learn more about this procedure, watch this VIDEO.

5 Hip Symptoms You Should Not Ignore.

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Why Birmingham Hip?

The BHR is intended for younger male patients whose increased activity level may not be suitable for traditional total hip arthroplasty due to an increased possibility of requiring future ipsilateral hip joint revision. There is a list of patients who are ineligible to undergo the BHR, including:

  • Female patients.
  • Patients with infection or sepsis.
  • Skeletally immature patients.
  • Patients with any vascular insufficiency, muscular atrophy, or neuromuscular disease severe enough to compromise implant stability or postoperative recovery.

BHR is not for female patients due to their high failure rates. There are a few reasons for high failure rates in women, including:

  • Dysplasia – the abnormal growth or development of a tissue or organ.
  • Adverse Wear Related Failures (AWRF) – due to small implant sizes.
  • Failure of Bone Ingrowth of acetabular component – common for severely deformed sockets (such as some dysplasia cases).
  • Femoral neck fracture – occurs more commonly in patients with weaker bones.
Hip Pain

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Interested In The BHR Procedure?

If you are experiencing pain in the hip and have been unable to reach the physical levels you are used to, you may be interested in the BHR procedure. To learn about BHR recovery watch this VIDEO.

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By: Dr. Brett Frykberg, MD

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