Avoiding Shoulder Stiffness after Surgery

By Drew Heideman, PT, ATC

How to Avoid Stiffness After Shoulder Surgery?

Read this article to learn on how you can avoid shoulder stiffness after surgery.  It is important to gain your range of motion back according to your physician protocol after a surgery.

Every surgery is a little different, depending on the structures and extent of the repair.  Each physician will have different precautions given to the therapist. In addition, attending physical therapy regularly is important to receive instruction on what movements and stretches are safe to perform.

Shoulder Exercises for Range of Motion

The picture below is a good representation of shoulder exercises for range of motion.

Shoulder ROM Exercises

JOI Rehab Shoulder ROM Exercises

While at physical therapy the physical therapist will stretch the shoulder. This can be painful as you work to regain full range of motion. Appropriately controlling the pain can increase your tolerance to the stretching. Furthermore, the physical therapist will let you know when you are able to perform stretches on your own and how to do them. Also, they will usually provide you with a printout of stretches as a home exercise program to compliment what you are doing in physical therapy. It is imperative that you complete the stretches given every day. These stretches minimize scar tissue and muscle tightness that will limit your range of motion.

Home Exercise Program

It is important for you to be compliant with your home program given in Physical Therapy.  To avoid stiffness it is important to get pulleys and a cane to assist you with your range of motion at home.  So, the home program is a very important aspect for your full recovery of your shoulder.

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By: Drew Heideman, PT, ATC

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