Arthritis – Complications

By Ehren Allen, PT, CMT

Arthritis Complications

By: Ehren Allen, PT, CMT

No matter what kind of arthritis is affecting you, joint pain is usually the first sign or complication that will arise.  The symptoms of pain or stiffness in joints after periods of inactivity or excessive use. Grating or “catching” sensation during joint movement and bony growths at the margins of affected joints.

Through this pain, the knee ligaments and knee joints can be damaged as well.

Knee Pain

Knee pain may be caused by arthritis because of the joint being broken down. Running while suffering from arthritis can also cause pain because of poor form and biomechanics. Another possible condition that may be caused by poor biomechanics are bunions, a painful deformity of the big toe that can be treated with conservative therapy.


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