Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Video

By Kevin M. Kaplan, MD

Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL


In the following video, Dr. Kevin M. Kaplan, describes Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears or ACL Tears.  In addition, he describes ways to improve and prevent ACL injuries. The ACL Reconstruction surgery is the most common ligament which is repaired due to athletic competition. Most often, the ACL ligament is torn by planting the foot and a change of direction.  The athlete experiences a “pop” and immediate pain. Usually, in my experience, the athlete cannot bear weight on the affected leg.  The RICE technique should be used for immediate care. The athlete should also be place in an immobilizer to protect the knee.

What Causes ACL Tears? 

ACL injuries commonly occur during athletic participation.  It usually occurs while running or cutting but also can occur when trying to stop. ACL tears occur most often in the sports of football and soccer.

Common mechanisms that result in ACL tears include:

  • Forced hyperextension (forceful straightening of knee with planted foot)
  • Sudden twisting movements with planted foot
  • Abrupt stops during physical activity/athletic participation
  • Jumping
  • Multi-directional pivoting activities
  • Forceful contact at knee joint (collision)

If you think you are torn your ACL Ligament, you should be properly evaluated by an Orthopedic Physician.  To learn more about the Knee,  go to torn ACL symptoms.

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By: Kevin M. Kaplan, MD

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