Ankle Sprain Tips / Physical Therapy

By Michelle Duclos, Certified Athletic Trainer

Ankle Sprain Tips and Physical Therapy

How can I tell if it is alright to return to basketball after spraining my ankle?

Sprained Ankle

Picture of basketball player with an Ankle Sprain

Obviously, there are many factors involved but one test of an ankle to see if you can return to more aggressive activity involves a simple test of function that is used clinically. One test which can be used is standing on the injured leg only. You should be able to complete a minimum of 15 complete toe raises. These should be without pain or a loss of balance. Remember, you should seek the training of a therapist/trainer who specializes in orthopedics before resuming sport activity.

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When returning to your sport from an ankle injury, it is also recommended that you wear an ankle brace or that you get the ankle taped for support. There are several brands of good ankle braces on the market which provide excellent support to ankle. If you have any questions, you can always call any one of the 10 JOI Physical Therapy Centers in Jacksonville and ask for a Certified Athletic Trainer or a Physical Therapist.

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