Anatomy of the Spine

By Ehren Allen, PT/CMT

Anatomy of the Spine

By: Ehren Allen, PT/Certified Manual Therapist

Low Back and Neck Anatomy

Spine Anatomy

The spinal column is the body’s main support structure. Its thirty-three bones, called vertebrae, are divided into five regions:

  • cervical
  • thoracic
  • lumbar
  • sacral
  • coccygeal

The spine is a series of vertebral bones which are stacked to provide stability and structure for our bodies. It also houses the spinal cord and nerves which branch to all of the parts of the body. The spine has many joints which allow movement and function.

Disc Herniation

To learn more about disc herniation, please watch this Disc Herniation Video.

JOI Physical Therapy Treatments For Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be treated with conservative physical therapy. Just like there are many reasons for low back pain there are also many ways to treat it in physical therapy. Some ways to treat it are:

  • Joint mobilization- a hands-on technique to improve mobility of the joint, is used to treat low back pain.
  • Medical massages- more common way to treat pain in the lower back
  • Ergonomic education- is important in treating low back pain, as the source of most of the pain comes from how people sit and/or stand for long periods of time

JOI Rehab has 3 dedicated spine centers which specialize in the treatment of the entire spine.  If you need physical therapy, call 904 858 7045. The JOI Spine Team is made up of JOI Board Certified Spine Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiatrists, Acupuncturist, Physical Therapists and Medical Massage Therapists.

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