Anatomy of the Shoulder

By Tim Wall MS/ATC

Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint

Please watch this educational video on the Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint. 

The shoulder is a complex structure made of three separate joints. They work together to give the shoulder a tremendous range of motion. The shoulder joint has an amazing structure.  It provides a large amount of motion to do activities in sports.  The main joint is a ball and socket joint.  The muscles, ligaments, capsule, labrum and tendons of the shoulder joint provide stability.  However, these same structures can be injured with falls, overuse and lifting heave objects.

Shoulder Joint

Anatomy of the shoulder joint, labeled.

Fractures of the Shoulder

The shoulder joint does provide a significant amount of mobility based on the ball and socket joint.  Due to the fact that the joint is mobile, it is prone to fractures and ligament injuries.  The most common reason for a fracture to the shoulder is related to falls at home or work. The major fractures which can occur in the shoulder are:

To learn more about the anatomy of the shoulder, please read this article shoulder anatomy

Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint

AC Joint of the Shoulder


JOI Rehab Has 12 Clinics That Treat Shoulder Pain

JOI Rehab clinicians typically concentrate on range-of-motion with active and passive mobility exercises when treating patients for shoulder pain.

Joint mobilization is a hands-on technique to improve mobility of the joints. Therefore, this is another way to treat pain in the shoulder. In some cases, patients will undergo strength training as a way to treat their shoulder pain.  While in physical therapy, strengthening of the shoulder is crucial to a full return to activities.  In other words, it is so important to do your home exercise program!

For more information about shoulder exercises, go to thumbs up shoulder exercises, 5 Best Rotator Cuff Exercises, Types of Shoulder Surgery, Rotator Cuff Repair, and Rotator Cuff Tears.

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