Anatomy of the Knee


Anatomy of the Knee Joint

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The knee is the body’s largest joint. It’s the place where three bones meet: the tibia, the femur and the patella. The knee is a “hinge” joint. It allows the leg to bend in one direction only. Let’s take a closer look at the main parts of the knee’s anatomy.

The ACL is the most commonly injured of the 4 major ligaments.  This ligament is often injured in sports like football.  The ACL provides internal stability and helps to prevent hyperextension and excessive rotation at the knee.

The PCL also provides internal stability.  It helps to prevent the lower leg from sliding too far backwards in relation to the thigh. It is often injured in car accidents when the knee hits the dashboard.

The MCL runs from the inside portion of the lower thigh to the upper inside of the lower leg.  It helps to keep the knee from collapsing inward.  The MCL often heals without having surgery but surgery can be an option with a 3 degree tear.

The LCL runs form the outside portion of the lower thigh to the upper outside of the lower leg.  It helps to keep the knee from collapsing outward.  The LCL injury is not as common as the other knee ligaments.

The unhappy triad injury to the knee is when the ACL, Medical Meniscus and the PCL are all injured at the same time.

ACL Ligaments

Knee Joint Anatomy

Images of the Anatomy of the knee.


Knee Anatomy Lateral View

Lateral Knee Joint Anatomy

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