ACL Tears – A Major Sports Medicine Injury

By R. Stephen Lucie, MD

ACL Tears – A Major Sports Medicine Injury

By: R. Stephen Lucie, MD

Dr. Stephen Lucie

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Dr. Stephen Lucie treats a number of both surgical and non-surgical sports problems including running injuries and fitness problems. He also is  a leader in total joint replacements including knees, hips, and shoulders.

ACL Tears or Torn ACL

A torn ACL can be a very painful and debilitating injury which
weakens and destabilizes the knee. This can be the worst
news a sports medicine physician can bring to his coach or
report to bring to his weekend warrior patient for his of her
coach. Until about 15 years ago, a knee injury such as this
often ended an athlete’s career. Attempts at ACL reconstruction were often met with stiff or arthritic knees because the
types of repair or reconstruction were not biomechanically sound.

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