A Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure Success Story

By Jon Stiffler PTA/Sports Center Manager

A Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure Success Story

This success story is about a local Tennis Professional, Danny Witt. Danny has returned to the sport and profession that he loves after having the Birmingham Hip surgery Resurfacing Procedure at JOI.

Hip Pain

Pain in the Hip

Recently, Andy Murray also had this same procedure after having hip issues after the Australian Open. Dr. Frykberg is an orthopedic surgeon at the JOI San Marco office. If you want to learn more about this procedure, watch this VIDEO.

Click to read the Baptist Health Juice Article with Testimonial on “Putting the pep back into his backhand.”

Dr. Frykberg is the only Orthopaedic Surgeon in the North Florida Region who performs the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure. To learn about recovery after the procedure watch this VIDEO

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Image of Dr. Brett Frykberg

Image of Dr. Brett Frykberg.

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Dr. Brett Frykberg

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