70 Year Old Boxer Wins Title

By Justin Oglesby

70 Year Old Boxer Wins Title

“After working with JOI, something odd happened.” 

Elliot Hindman has been a long time athlete. He boxed for most of his life and stopped at age 30. 

He then moved to a sport that he describes as more penalizing – Rugby.

Elliot (now 71) payed and coached Rugby for a little over 30 years. 

His boxing and rugby careers took a toll on his body and his joints. He started to have some trouble with his shoulders, hips and knees. He thought it was all over. 

That is when he came to JOI and JOI Rehab. Elliot says that after working with JOI he was able to get everything functioning again. 

Elliot goes on to say that after working with JOI he started to become stronger and faster. 

“It became and little freaky actually.” Elliot says. His entire right side (hip, knee and shoulder) has been treated by JOI’s orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Von Thron and JOI Rehab’s physical therapist Joan McCloud.

Elliot told his personal trainer that he wanted to start training to box again. His trainer was a little doubtful. 

Elliot started training about three years ago. After starting to train he noticed that he was stronger than he thought. He says that he got pretty good and knew he wanted to compete. 

He entered in the US Master Boxing Tournament which is ran by the US Olympic Committee, USA Boxing and the New York State Boxing Commission. 

Boxing Image

An old vintage boxing ring

US Master Boxing Tournament

Masters Boxing is USA Boxing’s division for both male and female athletes ages 35+ years. The division is a compilation of boxers that began the sport as youth and have a renewed passion for the sport as well as individuals joining the sport of boxing for the first time as adults. Elliot enter in the 62-70 age class. 

The commission gives out Master’s license every 5 years to 60 year olds. However, they have NEVER given a license to a 70 year old boxer.

The tournament was held over three days in Gleason’s Gym. Gleason’s gym is the cathedral of boxing. Elliot says that it is bad luck to fight in New York with out training at Gleason’s gym at least 3 days. It’s kind of a big deal in the boxing world. 

Elliot said that he learned a skill that even great fighters can’t do. He learned how to fight south paw. Elliot can switch on a moments notice and become ambidextrous. 

He made it to the final fight. The fight was three rounds. Elliot won every round and won the championship!

Elliot goes on to say, “I had a great team around me. With out Dr. Von Thron and Joan at JOI there would not be a championship for me. Being able to do this I feel is a gift that will never stop giving.”

He says that he is not through. “My wife wants me to retire. But I am going to defend the title next February.  

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By: Justin Oglesby

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