5 Reasons to Start Doing Yoga

By Jon Stiffler, PTA

5 Reasons to Start Doing Yoga

  1. Yoga focuses on breathing techniques to allow optimal energy flow. This can help to decrease anxiety, relax, and improve guarding and protective posturing after injury!
  2. Rid yourself of toxins! Some types of yoga produce intense internal heat which purifies sweat and eliminates toxins from your body.
  3. Yoga focuses on improving balance and increasing core control. Balance improvement is progressed with increasingly difficult poses as you become more advanced.
  4. Enhance your posture! Often we sink into slouched postures throughout the day, and yoga is here to improve your postural awareness! Many poses focus on strengthening core muscles to help with neck and back pain caused by poor posture.
  5. Muscle endurance and flexibility are greatly improved through the practice of yoga! Certain poses are used to increase your stretch and strength all at once!

Remember to talk to your yoga instructor or physical therapist if you are injured or have physical limitations!

5 Reasons to Start Doing Yoga | JOI

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