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By: Dr. Bruce Steinberg, Orthopedic Surgeon, Chairman of the JOI Board of Directors

You can partner with the JOI Foundation Fund to make a difference in North Florida communities

The Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute Foundation has actively partnered with local outreach organizations here in North Florida, including the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless, the Patrick Heinold Foundation, the Humane Society and the Police Athletic League.

The JOI Foundation is proud to announce our new relationship with Calais Campbell of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Calais and The Charles Richard Campbell Foundation have partnered with JaxPAL, The JOI Foundation, and Northeast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub to hold a football camp for the local youth community.  To learn more about the football camp, click here.

When you join with us, you make a difference in our community and help to improve the overall well being of thousands of individuals in the North Florida area. The JOI Foundation’s goal is to assist others with the help of generous financial donors & through countless volunteer hours.  We choose these charities because we believe that we can make a positive impact and to make a meaningful change.  100% of funds are used to provide support for outreach programs which benefit individuals and groups in need of services, equipment, supplies, athletics and basic daily necessities such as food and clothing.

JOI employees through our foundation, pay for meals at the Sulzbacher Center.  Employees also volunteer their time to go over to the center and actually prepare and cook the meal.  JOI Physicians and Staff members also volunteer at the Hearts to Soles Event at the Sulzbacher Center on  November 23, 2019.  JOI will be collecting socks to provide them with the shoes which are donated for this event.


The JOI Foundation recently added the Patrick Heinold Foundation as one of our beneficiaries.  Teen suicide is on the rise across the nation.  The data appeared in The Journal of Pediatrics, and comes from poison control centers. A study finds the rate of poisoning attempts more than doubled among boys and girls.

There is no single cause to suicide. It most often occurs when stressors exceed current coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition.

If you want to read more about Suicide Risk Factors and Warning Signs

JUST 1 is a program that our JOI Certified Athletic Trainers developed at our local  high schools to try to save or help JUST 1 young adult from taking their own life.  Our trainers provide first aid on a daily basis, now they can also provide mental health first aid to these same students. https://www.joionline.net/joi-foundation-joi4life/youth-mental-health-first-aid/. 

If you need help and need someone to talk to, please call:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)  or

Baptist Behavioral Health
Services: Outpatient, Adult Day Stay and Inpatient Services
24 hour Crisis Line: 904-202-7900

For more information about the Mental Health First Aid Training, go to: Baptist 

Our mission is to inspire others to help the community in which we live and work.  The employees of JOI have designated these four foundations to work with and to donate our time and monetary funds to because we believe together we can make a difference in the North Florid Region.  If you want to help with the JOI Foundation, please call JOI-2000 and JOIn our mission!

Come alongside us and be the change!

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Mutt March 2019

JOI is proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 Mutt March, held by the Jacksonville Humane Society. Please feel free to come out and visit our tent this weekend! The event will be held on April 13th and will go from 9AM-1PM at the Jacksonville Humane Society ( 8464 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216 Jacksonville, Florida 32216 ).

Find more information here:

By: Christoph Zuther Marketing Coordinator

2nd Annual Patrick’s 3v3 Basketball Tournament

2nd Annual Patrick's 3v3 Basketball Tournament
The Patrick Heinold Foundation Logo

2nd Annual Patrick’s 3v3 Basketball Tournament

The JOI Foundation is proud to partner with The Patrick Heinold Foundation to promote suicide prevention through programs dedicated to the well-being and mental health of our nation’s teens. JOI’s Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) will be providing free Athletic Training coverage for the event. Don’t miss the 2nd Annual Patrick’s 3v3 Basketball Tournament, this Saturday April 6, 2019 at The Bolles School. The tournament runs from 8:15 am to 5 pm. This tournament helps support The Patrick Heinold Foundation mission. Learn more about The Patrick Heinold Foundation here: The Patrick Heinold Foundation

About Patrick Heinold

Patrick Heinold was 17 years old when he took his life on February 4th, 2017. Patrick was the last person anyone expected to fall to suicide, as he was everyone’s best friend and favorite person, and thrived an all that he did. Patrick was a member of the Bolles’ Men’s Varsity Basketball Team and also participated in band and Junior Mentors while attending The Bolles School as a junior. Patrick was a member of the Parking Ministry at Christ’s Church and was an active member of Young Life. Patrick’s legacy will forever live on in how he treated others, befriended everyone he met, and embodied Christ in everything he did. We will miss and love you forever Patrick.

By: Jon Stiffler PTA, Sport Center Coordinator

2018 Sock Drive for the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless

Sock Drive for the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless

Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute will again provide screening for this year’s charity event at The Sulzbacher Center. In the past, JOI has donated socks, and we would like to continue this tradition. Should anyone wish to donate to this great cause, please consider donating crew type socks. There will be a collection bin on the first floor by the second set of elevators near Subway at our JOI San Marco MD Office location. Donations may also be directly sent to the JOI San Marco MD Office, attention Monica Lucas. All donated socks will need to be received by Friday, November 16th. JOI thanks you advance for any donations made and your support!

The Sulzbacher Center



The Sulzbacher Center is Northeast Florida’s largest provider of comprehensive services for homeless men, women and children. They are one of only a few centers in the nation to offer a full range of services for the homeless 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Sulzbacher Center serves nutritious meals and offers safe shelter. They also provide outstanding health care and high-quality children’s programs. Their job placement assistance and life skills programs equip men and women for employment and for success.

By: Christoph Zuther

Soles4Souls Event at the Sulzbacher Center

Soles4Souls Event at the Sulzbacher Center

The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute took part in the Soles4Souls Event at the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless last Saturday. Dr. Hiram Carrasquillo once again organized the event and is in the picture. Employees of JOI also participated by purchasing socks as a donation. Several JOI volunteers helped make the event a success. The event also gave away shoes for those who were in need of them.

Soles4Souls Event at the Sulzbacher Center

Dr. Carrasquillo at Soles4Souls.

Soles4Souls Event at the Sulzbacher Center

JOI volunteers.


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Youth Mental Health First Aid

Through a program by Baptist Health, JOI Certified Athletic Trainers and personnel from Bishop Kenny High School participated in a two day program for Youth Mental Health First Aid. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children ages 10-24. Each day in the U.S. there is an average of 5,240 attempts of suicide for children in grades from 7-12. The goal of the program is to train personnel to be able to give first aid for those children who are in need of professional help. Similar to the American Red Cross First Aid Certificate for physical injuries. The program is based on breaking down the barriers and stigma which are attached to mental health. Certified Athletic Trainers normally are on the high school campuses each and every day for physical injuries. This is the next step in the recognition of mental health illnesses and the ability to get professional help for these students in need. Each person who finishes the program, will receive a certificate for Youth Mental Health First Aid. Continue reading

The JOI Foundation is proud to be a Paw Partner with the Jacksonville Humane Society

Please JOIn us in the support of our 4 charities or of the JOI Foundation. You can donate from the donate now button at https://www.joionline.net/joi-foundation/ The JOI Foundation will also be providing lunch and cooking at the Sulzbacher Center on November 30th. The JOI Foundation is also a sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation’s Jingle Bell Run on December 3rd at the Unity Plaza. The Police Athletic League just honored the JOI Foundation at the National Philanthropy Day Lunch. We hope to be having the second annual Blake Bortles Football Camp this year.  Continue reading

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