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JOI Orthopaedic Physicians Offices

The JOI Physicians Offices have now expanded our office hours at all 5 MD Locations. We want to make sure that all of your orthopaedic needs are being taken care of. For new physician in-person or Telehealth appointments, please call 904-JOI-2000 or you can schedule online at JOIonlinenet. JOI is offering ASAP Fracture or Injury Care appointments to get you in faster to our doctors.

To reschedule a surgery, please call the individual JOI MD Office. Here is a listing of their phone numbers:

San Marco: 346-3465  Beach 241-1204 South: 880-1260 Fleming: 276-5776 Nassau: 261-8787.

JOI and Baptist Health want to make sure that you are comfortable with your visit to one of our locations. If you want to read more about all of the changes that we have made to make you and our employees safe, please go to JOI4U.

JOI Rehab

All of the 12 JOI Rehab Offices remain open and also offer some new services during this crisis.

The Bridge program allows our clinicians to come into your own home to provide physical therapy and hand therapy. This program does have a limited geographical area around our 12 locations. We are also offering Telehealth Physical Therapy services with all of our therapists. We even offer some late evening appointments if you are working during the day. To schedule with JOI Rehab, please call 904-858-7045 or one of the 12 JOI Rehab Clinics.

Beach: 904.247.3324, Nassau: 904.557.9021, Nocatee: 904.686.3111, North: 904.757.2474, Fleming Island: 904.621.0396
Point Meadows: 904.564.9594, Westside: 904.389.8570, San Marco: 904.858.7045, South: 904.288.9491
Arlington: 904.733.9948, World Golf Village: 904.224.2666, Mandarin: 904.288.9604

Don’t Run in Pain

don't run in pain
Image of person who runs in pain

Don’t run in pain! In The Game recently featured this article to make sure you don’t run in pain:

What Is Runner’s Knee?

Runner’s knee is the broad term that sums up any pain around the kneecap or patella area. Like the name suggests, daily running is the most common culprit, although any sport that puts pressure on the knee joint, such as hiking, biking, or playing soccer, can lead to developing the condition. Pain is caused by strained tendons or the irritation of soft tissues or the lining of the knee.

Symptoms include feeling pain when walking, climbing stairs, squatting, kneeling, sitting down, and running. Runner’s knee may be caused by overuse, trauma to the kneecap, flat feet, weak thigh muscles, inadequate stretching, or arthritis. It is more common in women than men, and overweight individuals are especially prone to the disorder. Typically, your doctor will perform a physical exam and may order X-rays to confirm the diagnosis.

How to Treat Runner’s Knee

Most runner’s knee conditions can be treated without surgery. One method is to practice RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. You should avoid repetitive stress to the area and apply an ice pack for up to 15 minutes once every one to two hours. You can wrap your leg to add support to the knee and elevate your leg to reduce swelling. Taking anti-inflammatory medications is also recommended.

How to Prevent Runner’s Knee

To help prevent runner’s knee, modify your training schedule and activities. Try to run on softer surfaces and avoid running on stairs. Don’t increase weekly mileage by more than 10% each week.

Incorporate certain stretches before running to further prevent runner’s knee. Stretch out your hamstring by placing your left heel on the front leg of a chair, leaning forward from the hips, and holding for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other leg.

For strengthening, you can also try straight-leg lifts: Lie on your back, place your left foot on the ground with the knee bent at a 90-degree angle, slowly raise your right leg about 6 inches off the floor, hold for three seconds, and slowly lower back down. Repeat with the opposite leg.

If you have been running in pain and need to see a Physician, JOI has you covered, even during the COVID-19 crisis. We are here offering In person and virtual visits depending on your preference. To make your appointment call JOI-2000 or click the link below!

Book An Appointment with a JOI Physician
Image of Book An Appointment with a JOI Physician Button

JOI MD Offices Remain Open

The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute Physician Offices Remain Open from 8am to 1pm Monday through Friday during the COVID 19 Crisis. The JOI Physicians have taken extra precautions during this crisis. We are screening all patients over the phone and when they enter our MD clinics. Our employees always use the universal precautions when it involves safe patient care. We continue to clean all of our rooms and commonly touched surfaces. We have spread out our chairs in the waiting rooms to decrease exposure in our centers.

JOI MD’s Now Offer Telehealth for New Patients and Existing Patients

JOI Physicians can now offer Telemedicine Services to New Patients and existing patients from the comfort of their own homes. If you feel that it is best to stay in your own home, JOI can still provide orthopaedic services in your own home. Through the download of the free Zoom app on the your phone, tablet or laptop, out MD’s can evaluate you and provide care by these telehealth services. To schedule a new patient or follow up patient appointment with your MD, please call 904-JOI-2000.

Acute Fracture or Injury ASAP Appointments

We know that you can still get hurt during this crisis. We want to make sure that you can still get an appointment for a possible fracture or other injuries at JOI. Our physicians have improved the ability to get you in for an appointment quickly. All of our MD’s have opened ASAP appointments for fractures and other acute injuries. All you have to do is call 904-JOI-2000.

The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute wants to make sure that if you need us, we are here for you in many different ways in this crisis. We hope that together we can all make it safely through this crisis.

Book An Appointment with a JOI Physician
Image of Book An Appointment with a JOI Physician Button

JOI Rehab Offices Remain Open

All of the 12 JOI Rehab Offices in the North Florida Region remain open. The JOI Rehab Offices continue to provide a safe and clean environment in all of our centers. Our clinicians and staff have spread patient appointments out throughout the day to prevent less exposure. Our staff have also increased our cleaning efforts in the waiting room and treatment areas. All of our staff are currently wearing masks as well and appropriate personal protective equipment. To learn more, please watch this VIDEO.

Telehealth for Physical Therapy

All of the JOI Rehab Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists now offer Telemedicine services from the convenience of your own home. These visits are covered the same way as your regular visits in therapy. We can advance your program with the download of the free Zoom app. For more information about this service, talk to any clinician or just call the center of your choice. To learn more, go to:

Physical Therapy Bridge Program

If you can’t make it to one of our JOI Rehab Centers, we can come to you. Find out more about a JOI Rehab clinician coming to your own home for therapy. We do offer a limited geographical areas based on our locations for this service.

We have offered these services because we want you to know that we are still here for you during this crisis. Physical and Occupational Therapy is important to your outcome. We want to keep you active during this stay at home order. Give us a call, 904-858-7045 or call any of the 12 area JOI Rehab Centers.

By: JOI Rehab Administration

Book An Appointment with JOI Rehab
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In The Game Banquet – February 2020

JOI Sponsors In The Game
In The Game

Dr. Snyder will be speaking at the In The Game banquet on February 1st. He will be the keynote speaker speaking to the top athletes in the area and their parents about what it takes to be successful outside of sports.

In the Game: Raines vs Episcopal Basketball Highlights and Interview

Raines vs Episcopal Basketball

In the Game: Bishop Kenny vs Orange Park Basketball Highlights and Interview

Bishop Kenny vs Orange Park Basketball

In the Game was at the Bishop Kenny vs Orange Park High School Basketball game to bring you the highlights and an interview with a coach.

Athlete of the Year for In The Game

Nominate a Male and Female Athlete of the Year for In The Game Sports Network!

The Banquet to honor the Athletes of The Year will be held Saturday June 2, 2018 from 4:30pm-6:30pm @ The Omni

JOI Sports Medicine

In The Game Athlete of the Year

Dr. David Doward at ITG – Next – Northeast Florida Fall Banquet

Dr. David Doward spoke at the 2018 In The Game Banquet

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