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Thursday, June 22

Get To Know JOI - Dr. Perry

James Perry, DO

1. What is the most common cause of back pain?
Soft tissue injuries such as a sprain or strain is the most common cause of back pain. Many adults experience acute back pain during their lifetime. A large portion of those people experience recurrence of their back pain symptoms. The key to avoiding long term problems with the back is to support it as much as possible with core stabilization exercises. Certain types of exercise such as yoga and pilates can be very beneficial to strengthen weak core muscles. Of course, a guided and customized exercise program is best to identify specific areas of muscular imbalances. Our physical therapists are highly trained and are able to guide folks through this important phase of education and care.

2. What is the most satisfying part of your work?
Similar to many areas of orthopedics, there are different disorders that can affect people in different ways. Some people experience sciatica type pain radiating into their legs that inhibit their ability to stand more than 5 minutes or walk significant distances. Others have persistent neck and shoulder pain radiating to their hand that aggravates them during normal daily activities such as driving across town.

I love helping improve peoples’ quality of life. In many instances I see patients’ with degenerative disorders or acute injuries that require care. Often conservative care is effective, but sometimes surgery is needed to address a structural problem.

Spine surgery is very scary for a lot of people, and not a proposition to be taken lightly. It’s very rewarding to see patients returning to activities that they love to do with a significant improvement in their pain level. These experiences give me a sense that I’m playing a part in improving peoples’ lives.

3. How do you like to spend your spare time? 
I spend the majority of my free time with my family, including my son who was born in the summer of 2016. We like to explore the area, including the downtown area and local destinations such as the beach, Amelia Island and Saint Augustine. 

Of course, having such nice weather allows for regular outdoor excursions as well.
I’ve always been a very active person. My wife and I enjoy running and staying fit. I enjoy golfing, fishing, hiking and attending shows or sports events.

I enjoy traveling with my family. We will occasionally take weekend trips locally or make a trip to a new area to explore and enjoy the sights. When we lived in the mountains I could be regularly found on the ski slopes or hiking a mountain path. Now that we live near the beach, we enjoy the sand and sun along with water sport activities.

It’s a rare day to find me sitting on the couch at home, unless it’s catching up on work related literature or cheering on my Pittsburgh sports teams.